Screen is not responsive


I use my phone to light my way to the bathroom. At 4 AM this morning, it missed the bathroom vanity and fell on the tile floor. My glass screen saver is more cracked than previously. Would this hinder the screen’s responsiveness? Or did I really break it? I just finished paying for my Moto Pure :frowning:

Linda W.


From experience, having cracked screens & using the phone afterwards, it can definitely affect performance. I would check with local repair store about getting screen replaced (rather than shipping back to manufacturer).


I should have added, might just need screen protector replaced. First need to remove & see if crack bled through the screen protector & reached actual phone


I broke the screen on my 2014 Moto X and it became unresponsive. Sending back to Motorola for a repair took nearly a month when it says 5 -7 days from date received. ::weary:
After checking the screen protector like mentioned, you may want to bring somewhere to get replaced.


Hi @lindaw.blessed,

@brianp.190 has a great point about it possibly being only the screen protector that is damaged. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that he’s right! If you remove the screen protector and find that the phone is still in working condition, I’ve got a replacement Gadget Guard Black Ice Edition tempered glass screen protector on my desk to send right out to you, to keep the phone safe from its next mishap!


Yes, I’ve never done it, returned to manufacturer, but I’ve heard nightmare stories from people returning phones to Motorola for repair. Still, I have Moto X Pure, for year now, works everyday. Moto Z definitely next



Any idea on removing glass screen protector. I was thing maybe dental
floss. It is shattered in areas.


I would say take it to a repair shop, if you have one close by, only because if you start lifting screen protector off, and screen below is shattered, you’re going to wind up lifting that off as well (and then you’re really in trouble).


Thank you for your input. My husband did take the screen protector off and
there is a very small area that lifted. I am on my way to the tech place at
Walmart. I will let you know how things turn out.


That sounds like good plan. I wish you all the best.


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