Screen is not working


What phone do you have?
Moto E4
What plan are you on?
2GB + Talk and Text
Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?
Includes data

Issue Description

I was on my phone yesterday put it in my pocket to go do something. Later that day I got it out to use it and it wouldn’t work the screen wouldn’t turn on and putting it on the charger wouldn’t work. It would bring up the charging symbol and show the percentage of the charge but not turn on. Is there anything I can do?


the short version.
leave it on charge for a while let it charge up
then press and hold the power button for, in some cases up to 2 plus minutes


Okay it has been on the charger for almost 13 hours now so I think I’ll try it.


Okay that didn’t work. Is there anything else I can do?


did you see what was the final charge? if not try plugging it in again and see if the % shows up
how much charge does it have… if it is 100%, good but if it is still low or nothing then after all those hours it did not take a charge
if charged:
if so unplug it and
press and old the power and vol down buttons
going to try to get into recovery mode…
and if so then
clear cache


It didn’t do anything.


ok time for me to be dum…
the power button is the middle one
and the top button is vol up
and the 2nd from the top button is vol down.

it tripped me up when I 1st got my E4, so use to the top button being power
that I held the top button in for over 5 minutes and could not get the phone to turn on

taking a closer look at the buttons I saw the top buttons were rocker buttons for vol up and down
and the 3rd was the power button, pressed the 3 button down and it came on…

now do you know how dum I felt at that moment?

so don’t let the buttons trip you up like they did me…


Yes I used the right buttons this is my 3rd E4 so I am used to where they are. Is there anyway I can enact my warranty on the phone?


how long have you had it
moto give 1 year
some credit cards if you used it to buy the phone give ext warranty
so check with them if over a year and you used a CC to buy it…


I have barely had it for 6 months so the warranty should cover it. How do I use the warranty for it?


in this case go to and request a repair or replacement

you will have to work through the “paperwork” but MOTO is very good about replacing phones…


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