Screen Mirroring with Pixel 3a to Roku?

Okay so this is gonna be long, but I would love some help here. I LOVE my Pixel 3a except for the fact that it can only screen mirror via Chromecast. I just bought a Roku Streaming stick + thinking that I would be able to use screen Mirroring, but I later learned after getting them and doing research that stock Android can only mirror with Chromecast. Huge bummer!!!

Anyway, my question. Is…does anyone have a workaround for this without having to buy a Chromecast, root my phone or use and HDMI cable?. I’d prefer an app that lets you do this specifically to Roku (all my Smart TVs are too old to download new apps). I just haven’t found any that do the job and do it well. I found ones called Letsview and ApowerMirror but you have to have the app on both devices and Roku doesn’t have those apps available to get.

And no I don’t want to just cast. I specifically want to screen mirror. I want to literally see my phone screen on my TV. All the apps I’ve tried either only cast videos, pics, web vids, etc. OR they are just a shortcut to my cast feature on my phone…that only works with Chromecast.

If anyone has any knowledge of an app that works just like Screen Mirror for Roku that is free and works better, you’ll be my hero!

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