Screen overlay? moto G4 play

im trying to save a picture that my daughter sent me through a text. when i hold down on the picture and hit the save button it brings up a message box that says allow messenger to access photos, media,and files on device (deny or allow). i hit allow. and then comes the problem it brings up another message box that says screen overlay detected to change this permission setting you first have to turn off the screen overlay from settings- apps at the bottom it says open settings. i hit open settings then at this point im just either not sure what to do or it is just not working right. i need some help with this. this is on a brand new moto G4play

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Hi @rebeccac.csktza,

I’m sorry no one has yet taken a shot at your question. Community is usually much faster to respond. Please see if this article helps to shed light on your experience: How to Fix the “Screen Overlay Detected” Error on Android.

Can’t remove screen overlay message to republic allow.

Republic app update

you are not the only one with this issue (and it’s not just a Republic issue

looks like it may be worth while to boot in safe mode and try to accept the permissions

Safe Mode or Android

On my phone, Moto X Pure Edition running Marshmallow 6.1, the culprit was ES File Explorer. Simply denying permission to overlay was not enough – I had to remove the program, and then, the popup stopped popping up. Too bad. I’ll miss the program. Maybe, when I get upgraded to Nougat, I’ll try to reinstall. Good luck, all.

To get rid of screen overlay detected popups on Android either you can apply one of two solution
Solution 1:
Turn off screen overlay of all apps including system apps
This solution to turn off screen overlay of all apps including system apps will surely work for everyone, but one drawback is further you won’t be able to use screen overlay feature of all apps, there are some important apps whose active screen overlay is really helpful like messenger chat head, if you want to use chat head feature then you can manually turn on screen overlay of messenger
Follow this steps to turn off screen overlay of all apps:

  1. Open Settings
  2. Click on Apps Settings
  3. Click on Three Dots on top right corner
  4. Tap on Draw Over Other Apps
  5. Again Click on Three Dots
  6. Tap on Show System Apps
  7. Now list of all apps with active screen overlay will appear
  8. Now turn off screen overlay of all apps one by one
  9. Restart your device

Once you turn off screen overlay of all apps then screen overlay detected popup would no longer appear on your device. As I said if you want to use Chat Head feature then you can manually turn on screen overlay of
the Messenger.

Solution 2:
Disable / Uninstall / Force Stop few Apps
Screen Overlay is mainly used by some apps such as ES File Explorer, DU Apps, 360 Security App, Night Mode Apps
Temporarily disabling this few installed apps on your device might work for you guys.

So these are main working solutions, but if Screen Overlay Detected is still appearing on your device then you can refer to more solutions from below:

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