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How does RW justify $45 charge for Black Ice Screen Protectant when it’s available Online for LESS THAN $10?

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Hi @rickt.m9cm88,

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I won’t try to justify pricing. No matter what you’re shopping for, you’ll always find some variety of pricing by shopping around. It looks like we’ve not been able to keep up with some other vendors on pricing for this item, and I’ll let the product team know you’ve brought this to our attention. Congrats on being a savvy shopper!

Have you personally used the Black Ice Screen protectant, and if so, what do you think of it?


Your DODGEY, Glossed Over Response says it all.
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Hi @rickt.m9cm88,

As I assured you, I’ve brought your feedback to our team who manages the accessories in our online store. The pricing is based on the bundle - it’s a liquid screen protector and $150 insurance for the screen.

Do you have a link to where this product is sold for $10? Does it include the same value of insurance at that price?

I’ve looked around and found a variety of prices for this product, but also a variety of insurance amounts bundled with it. Thanks to your feedback, we’ve reviewed some of the competition and we do see that the pricing in our online store, even when comparing similar bundles, leaves some room for improvement. The team managing the accessories will work with the distributor to see if we can better align our pricing.


The price of the bundle, with the $150 in insurance, is pretty commonly about what Republic offers:

Same price:

Same price:

Nothing you wrote is ON TOPIC. Please Explain.

You asked a specific question about Republic selling the Black Ice Screen Protectant for $45. Both @southpaw and I replied that the bundle that Republic sells isn’t just the screen protectant, but the screen protectant and $150 of insurance. I then provided the examples of what that bundle costs elsewhere, which is the same as what Republic sells it for. All seems like it is on topic.

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