Screen Protector killing battery life?

When I got my Moto X years ago I got an Otterbox case with its plastic screen protector. The screen protector did not cover any of the proximity sensor, mic, camera, or anything other than the main part of the screen.

Over the years the screen protector got scratched up up due to keys in the same pocket, carelessness, etc.

I would have to charge the battery the older the phone got, was up to 2 times a day.

Replaced it with a new “glass” type screen protector, and now my battery life over the past 2 charges seems to last MUCH longer. Almost lasts the entire day again. No settings have changed that I know of (Location, Bluetooth, etc), nothing I know of except the new glass screen protector.

Can a beatup plastic screen protector reduce the battery life, if its not covering something like the proximity sensor?

I know 2 charge cycles doesn’t make a trend yet, but it not only feels brand new with the new case and protector, and smooth feel of the screen, it seems to be lasting much longer between charges. Its VERY noticeable.

You replaced the case as well?

It would be interesting to look at the cell signal strength (not the “bars” but a genuine numeric reading of the strength with the new case vs. the Otterbox. I’d be more suspicious that the heavy-duty Otterbox was insulating the phone against the cell signal than that the screen protector was somehow making a difference.

I have never had such experience with those plastic Outterbox screen protectors. In fact te ones i have use dover the years for various models, have always has the correct cut outs for those sensors. Even those fully encased, lifeproof, cases I have never seen cause any noticeable battery drain then vs no case at all.

Though, i do supposed, if one such screen protector is badly enough dirty, it could mess with the phones proximity sensor as many use tiny IR leds to detect. ( if u use a night vision camera u can see the IR’s come on when u play with some settings. I can see them on my old Moto X Pure.) If those keep coming on…then I could see battery life issue there.

Yes I replaced the case as well, but with the exact same Otterbox White “Commuter” series ($5 on Amazon when I got it).

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The Otterbox plastic ones didn’t cover the top part of the screen at all, it was just the glass from where the display is lit to and up. (Approx 1/2 inch of the top of the phone wasn’t covered by protector)

I tried to look up if the Otterbox screen protector had RF shielding or not. I’m wondering if it did, perhaps like @southpaw suggested with the case perhaps that would affect the signal strength or how hard it works to gain/keep a signal.

Now I’m wondering if I am now exposing myself to more radiation :slight_smile:

I still have the unused new otterbox screen protector that came with the new case at home. I’m thinking of just laying it over the screen with it and seeing if the signal strength is affected. What app do you recommend to see the signal strength (other than just the bars)?

No screen protector would affect the radio signals.

Now, cases that have metal or ceramic materials in them can.
I one got a nice Shiny metal backed case for whatever phone I had at the time. Love the case, but when it was on, it indeed caused signal issues. (many other reported this in their reviews of the case on Amazon). Metal frame cases also can cause issue.

Also, depends on the design of the phone, as where the antennas are.

No need for a third party app. Cell signal strength is reported in the Android settings.

For your phone, Settings > About Phone > Status > SIM Status

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