Screen remains dark when incoming calls ring

**What phone do you have?**Moto X4

What plan are you on? 1 GB data

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?

Issue Description

Just started. Phone rings wih incoming call but screen remains dark so there’s no way to answer the call. Sometimes i hear one ring and it stops – the caller often hears several rings then it goes to voice mail. i’ve tried rebooting. Nothing seems to help.

Hi @cbinford

See if this past post helps. :slightly_smiling_face:
Dark screen during phone call - can’t navigate phone

I see nothing on the home screen which is the same as that post refers to, and can’t find a device help app to test the hardware.
Just saw the same phone for sale on Amazon for $100 less than here – may have to think about that.
(If it’s an identical X4 could I just switch the SIM cards and that would take care of everything?)

Hi @cbinford

It sounds like an issue with your proximity sensor being covered or dirty. If you have case, try removing it and test again. At least we can check that off as not being the issue if it does not fix it.

You say it just started…
Was there a (again sorry) case, a screen protector, a new app, or an update that was installed as this issue started for you?

Device help instructions for your Moto can be found here How to Access Motorola’s Device Help App

Here a page that will show you the model# needed for your X4 to work with Republic
Moto X4 Tech Specs

To know if you can switch SIM’s you need to know if you a have a GSM or CDMA in currently.
This will tell you how to find out: How to Tell If a Phone Is Active on GSM or CDMA

If you have a GSM, you should be good to go. If you have a CDMA SIM, you will need to order a GSM to activate the new phone.

Hey, SuperT,

It was worth a try. Removed case and wiped everything down. Called it and same thing happened. Nope, no other new apps or updates (that I know of)
Found help app and everything tested out okay. A puzzle. Thanks for your input.
btw, do you know if I can transfer SIM card to a new phone and not have to go through activation?
Thanks again.

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Make sure the phone you are looking at from Amazon is a RW compatible one :wink:
Republic Wireless Phones

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Yet. again. Thanks

Hi @cbinford,

it sounds like the Phone app has notifications blocked. I don’t have an X4 handy, but see if you can get close to this:

Open the Settings app
Tap Apps and Notifications
Tap See all ## Apps
Tap Phone
Tap Notifications
Toggle the switch to the on position and make sure all the boxes are checked.


Ok, all looks as. You suggest. Look for results in a.m. Thanks

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To all who answered - thanks for your input. Never did come up with the cause, so I bought a new X4 from Amazon for $139 (couldn’t pass that up!) and all seems good again.

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