Screen repair for multiple phones gathering in drawer


I have two phones with broken screens Motorola and Alcatel. I want to do the environmentally sustainable (i.e., not buy another phone for the want of a screen, thus contributing to energy consumption to manufacture another phone as well as garbage pollution issues for the old phone) thing and replace the screens. Any advice?


The cost to replace the screens will most likely will exceed the cost of the phone it self, if even possible to repair.
You can check out CPR. for local locations.

“environmentally sustainable” not sure what you mean by that.
Even if you get a broken phone repaired, the bad part just goes in the trash anyway.
You can fully recycle the phone at many places, including CPR.


Environmentally safe thing to do is recycle the phones at any location that accepts cell phones. A broken screen in and itself does not pose any significant environmental hazard in the same vein as a broken/shattered CFL bulb.

For sustainability…as in reuse you can explore repair as recommended by @SpeedingCheetah… although… I would agree that the cost of such repair may not be worth it considering its low end nature for the alcatel phone…and possibly the Moto phone depending on its age and model number.