Screen Repair Store May Be Inept

What phone do you have? Moto 4E Plus
What plan are you on? Refund
Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? It has data.

I dropped and crack the screen on my 4E Plus the week that I bought it. I took it to UBreakItIFixIt. They have had the phone 4 times, for this one screen repair. They say they are ordering the wrong screen or it doesn’t fit. My old screen is now not usable. They still have the phone and are waiting on another screen to be delivered.
I’m concerned that the repair store, after 3 attempts to replace a screen, doesn’t know what they are doing. And, that they may have damaged my phone with all the attempts. Should I ask for a refund and just order a new phone?

That’s a tough one. Are you without a phone in the meantime? If not, there’s really no major downside of letting them try again. I would however talk to the manager of the location and ask for some sort of reduced repair cost because of the issues.

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I’m always leery of third party repair shops. Some undoubtedly are very good, but how do you know? uBreakiFix has a pretty good reputation, but they are only as good as the employees in each particular store. For Motorola repairs I’ve had very good service from Motorola’s Return and Repair Center. At this point, though, you may as well let uBreakiFix take another shot at it.


I activated an old Republic Wireless phone, which also has a cracked screen to use in the meantime. Thank you for responding. I think that I will speak to the manager about the problems and possibly reducing the repair bill.

Hi @shellyc.yc3bki,

Please let us know how things turn out, or if there is anything we can do to help.


Here, take your computer, and open this post and show them this, hee hee. .

This one isn’t even that bad to do. I’ve fixed harder ones than this.

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