Screen shot on Moto G5 Plus


Have Moto G5 Plus wondering how to take a screen shot?


All the Moto phones provide the :motohelp: Help function, which provides a wealth of very complete instructions. It can be found in the App Drawer :appsicon:


Thanks. Only problem is I do not know how to find the blue “?”, or the App Drawer.


Unless the Moto G5’s differ from the all the rest of the Moto’s you should see the 4 Icons on the bottom row (just above the Home row) the center one cannot be moved and it is the :appsicon: or some times called the App Drawer … just open the apps and scroll down until you see the :motohelp: Help (I move this to one of my Home pages)

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I believe nougat has one swipe up from the bottom (home row) of the screen to access the app drawer


Thanks … I am still on Lollipop :frowning:

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@drm186, @jben
Nova Launcher paid version allows a swipe up for the app drawer. I am not sure if the free Nova allows that gesture.

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I aware of this as it’s what I use on my 2nd Gen Moto X (I’m also stuck on Lollipop for now and my phone works to well to upgrade yet) (though the opening poster most likely is not using Nova but a Nougat launcher based on Googles Pixel launcher )

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Found the Blue ?. Thanks

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