SD card as internal memory

What phone do you have? moto e5 play

What plan are you on?

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? all three

Issue Description

I think I reformatted my sd card to be internal storage. However, the storage amount does not seem to have changed, how can I tell if the sd card is really formatted correctly?

It doesn’t directly answer your question, but here is the documentation for Using an SD card - moto e5 play.


thanks, I am sure this will help.

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As a heads-up, I had an issue with my Moto G 6 when I had the SD card set as internal storage. It would make the phone load apps very slowly and generally be laggy. Your results might vary, but I ended up copying everything off the card, reformatting it, and then setting it as removable/external storage. It behaved perfectly after that.


Thanks for the tip, I will keep my eye on that.

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