SD Card for G7 play

I have a Moto G7 Play and added an 128GB SD card. Do I need to do anything to the SD card to use to as external storage?

Hi @chunga0z!

After you insert it, you will be prompted to select which mode you want the card to be in. If you want it to act like external storage, select the “Portable Storage” option. This option is good if you have a slower card or just want to move pictures or other stuff to the card and then remove it.

If you want it to act like internal storage (if you don’t plan on removing it and want to expand your internal storage), select the “Internal Storage” option (provided the card is fast enough).

You can view more detailed information on the mode and which one to select on Motorola’s website: It’s well worth looking at if you have the time. Very informative.

I hope that helps!


Thanks! I inserted the card, it shows up under storage, but it never prompted me how to use it. I primarily want to use it to store music/pics/etc.

Hi @chunga0z!

Portable storage seems to be a good choice for you.

To manually set it, follow the following instructions (taken from Motorola’s site):

Change storage type
You’ll need to choose one of two formats for your SD card.

  1. Go to Settings > Storage.
  2. Touch the SD card’s name.
  3. Touch > Storage settings.
  4. Touch Format as internal or Format as portable.
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