SD Card not compatible with phone


Why is my SD card not compatible with my MotoG4? I bought it from Republic with my phone.


More info is needed to try and help you.

What is the brand, size, and speed class of the micro sd card you have?

Have you formated the card in the phone?

The card must have the proper file system.

If the phone fails to recognize it, try using a adapter to connect to a PC and format it there, then see if the phone recognizes it, and format again the phone.


I bought the sdcard with the motoG4 - at the same time. Actually, the sdcard never did work. I now think that the incorrect card was sent. I will try formatting with the adapter in the PC. If not, I will get a new scan disk. Thanks for your reply.


There is only one kind of Micro SD card. And if you bought it with the phone, it should work.

Are you sure you are referring to the Micro SD card and not the SIM card?

What is the exact message the phone is displaying?

It could be possible that SD the card is bad/defective.


Hi @loisl,

Please let us know if you can’t get it working. I’ll be glad to send out a replacement.


Please do send a replacement. It has never worked every since I purchased my MotoG4 phone. I did try most everything to get the card to do some storage.


I am sure it is the micro SD card. The message tells me it is not compatible with my phone. I have scanned it several times or formatted it. It just does not work.



sometime you just get a bad one…
RW will take care of you…


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