SD card not working

For some reason my SD card is no longer working it there is something wrong with my phone. I don’t see that the areas in the storage settings are enabled so that I can store my stuff on SD card so I have more internal space. I am constantly clearing my cached data. I have the Moto E 2nd Gen.

have you tried a difference SD card as they are the usual cause of this type of failure
you can also try the SD card in a different device and see it recognizes the SD card

(there are lots of bad SD cards that are label as name brands (had this happen to me when I ordered on Amazon)

It was one ordered from Republic when I updated my phone.

I guess my question would be, if the SD card was good would it then allow the settings are to be enabled???

adaptive storage (to use SD card as internal) is a marshmallow feature that the Moto E 2nd does not support

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