SD card?

Hello. I have a Moto X 2nd gen. 16 GB of memory. Currently I am getting messages that I am running out of storage space. I created my phone on Moto maker; I don’t remember if it came with an SD card. Any suggestions on how to find out?

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The Moto X 2nd Gen does not have a Micro SD card slot , if you don’t mind a dongle it does support USB OTG [USB On The Go] which there are micro USB flash drives or adapters than can be used for media storage

Go to Settings, Storage where you can do some housekeeping. In addition to moving photographs to the Google cloud with the Photos app or to your PC over a USB cable you can delete apps you don’t use. Then clear the app and system caches:

Clearing the Cache

Thank you for the information.

Will definitively do investigate clearing my cache. Interestingly enough, I have added very few apps. The apps that came with the phone (google stuff, moto stuff) are the memory hogs. Any suggestions for deleting these apps: spotlight, google translate, google “play” apps, etc.?

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Heres a step by step document with pics to disable apps.

How to Disable Android Bloatware (Without Root) – Modern Defrag

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