"searching for service" when roaming in Verizon coverage area

Moto G 1, Lollipop, 3g (not 4g LTE)

1.0 plan ($10 voice, & text + $15 data)

5 GB data (non roaming)

At the top left of my screen “Searching For Service” appears until I swipe up to unlock the phone when roaming then nothing is there instead of Rpbublic" or roaming call and text only. This is in areas that 3 months ago had great roaming voice and text coverage. Republic technicians have been working on this in a help ticket for about a month now and are waiting to hear back from their carrier partner. My help ticket is supposed to be attached to master ticket #1538635 so I’m curious if anybody can tell me what worked for them. A previous post that’s now closed stated it was a Motorola /plan 1.0 and 2.0 problem.

I noticed that the person reporting the issue lived in Oregon and I live in Northern California and travel to the middle of Nevada so could it be a Western area issue? Since I use very little data and roam about 1/2 the time I’m starting to wonder if no one else still has a Legacy plan in this area.

I’ve done the 4 steps in the previous post, (reset Republic credentials, updated the PRL, reset the cellular setting, and updated the profile with the proper restarts) 7 times. I have also collected technical screenshots for Republic’s technicians.

Note previous post that is closed: No cellular Service Available" where I do always get it …

I don’t think this is something the community is going to be able to offer much insight on. As you’ve identified there was an issue with a “sudden loss of roaming” on the legacy phones and the Republic team has a master ticket under which they work on these issues. If your ticket is still open and unresolved you should follow-up in the ticket and if it has closed, I would suggest a new ticket with the team to let the know whatever they did didn’t resolve the issue.

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I am just trying to see what works for others before giving up on Republic, 3 months of no roaming is enough don’t you think? Without roaming the phone will make a good doorstop. So everyone under that master ticket is still waiting for a solution? For almost 5 years I’ve shown people how great Republic is and have used the various build notes, feature tutorials, and this community to learn about my phone, the service, and to help friends and relatives with their issues. I have even considered moving up to the 2,0 plan just so I could
input an address on Google Maps while roaming but if roaming doesn’t work anymore that won’t be possible. Before opening a help ticket I spent days reading posts here. I figured by now I would be back here sharing the good news of a fix with others.
Then again you are probably right why would someone else in the community bother to come back and help others once their problem is solved.

That’s not what I’m saying at all. People come back and update the community on issues all the time. The “Problem Solving” section is filled with hundred and hundreds of solutions. However, THIS problem is a problem on the network end. Not something you can fix from your phone and not something the community can help you fix.

That’s not my understanding. My understanding is that this issue has been fixed for the people that it has occurred for. That’s why I suggested your follow-up on or open a new ticket.

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I don’t think this is effecting your current issue in which you should be following up in the Ticket system as @louisdi suggested, but just extra information,

Verizon will be shutting down it 3G/2G network at the end of the year this will mean there will be no Roaming to Verizon on any Legacy phone (All Legacy Phones require 2G for Voice) (I will also note there may be other independent/local carriers that will continue supporting 2G/3G roaming for CDMA as long as Sprint is still using CDMA

Roaming has always been hit or miss, Republic has no connection with it’s Carrier Partners roaming partners (in this case the Carrier Partner Sprint)

another point is the Legacy phones are getting old (Moto G1 is 5 years now (release on Republic April 2014)

@danb.546ptk This is actually a great point. It is entirely possible that the areas where you’ve lost roaming are areas that Verizon has already shut down their 2G/3G network. If you’d share some ZIP codes here, I’d be glad to do some probing in to this to see if that’s the case. If it is, there’s nothing at all Republic can do. Fact is, the legacy phones, but today’s standards are well, ancient. In fact Sprint has been moving a lot of its roaming to T-Mobile, which the old phones can’t do. So there’s a lot of possibilities here as to the decreased coverage you’re seeing that are purely related to the age of the device and its capabilities.


Thanks for your replies as there has been no progress on my help ticket and I have some new questions.

If 2g and 3g roaming are going away then will 4g LTE still be availible in those areas? I realize I will need to get a RW Moto X1, X2, or Moto G3 in order to access the 4 g LTE signal. If I don’t switch to a 2.0 plan will I be forced to pay $40 to roam with voice and text? My wild guess is that it no longer picks up the RW 3g handshake in roaming areas but would connect with a 4g LTE one and then let me use voice and text while roaming again. I think I would change to the 2.0 plan to save money at that point but if it won’t work I’ll be stuck with 2 worthless phones instead of just 1.

So the question now is does anyone know if the Moto G3, X1, or X2 on the 2.0 plan still work everywhere they used to while roaming? If Sprint is acctually moving its phones to roam onto T-Mobile (GSM) then I belive roaming is gone for all Legacy phones.

All legacy phones need 2G for voice as the X1. X2, E2 and G3 do NOT support VoLTE calling, so no 2G = no roaming
There is no roaming data on 1.0 plans [or my choice plans]
On 2.0 refund plans roaming data is so expensive most don’t want to use it [$274 per GB(18.3*$15)

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I think the conclusion is that no, roaming areas for the 1.0/2.0 phones are already reduced and at the end of the year will be reduced drastically again.

Let’s be clear, this isn’t a Republic issue. anyone, with CDMA based phones, on any carrier, is going to have the issue. In fact if you have a CDMA phone that’s a Verizon one, it will simply stop working at the end of the year.

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Good thing on 2.0 plan you don’t pay for data used to preform voice or text service so the 18.3:1 ratio isn’t revelent if I don’t “use” data while roaming. My belief is that the data use setting is turned off while roaming by default on the 2.0 plan so unless I turn it on I won’t be using data at the higher cost. That said if they stop supporting 2g for voice then no more Legacy plans.

Reminds me of when AT&T made me give up my 3 watt anolog phone that I could call my boss standing right next to me and his brand new “top of the line” didgital flip phone wouldn’t even ring. AT&T replaced it with a dihgital phone that I had to go out to the high part of the yard to use even in the rain but I was locked into by contract. Not going to evet deal with AT&T after that. Feels a little fimiluar, out with 2g that works in the ruarl areas and replace it with 5g that has a very limited range.

Sprint is still a couple of years away from sunsetting their 2G network, so non-roaming coverage remains without issue.

I don’t think that’s what is happening here. Verizon now has nearly 100% overlap of LTE and 2/3g. They’re turning off the old network in the footprint that’s overlapping.

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