Searching to connect to wifi


motoe4…when i’m home i keep it on wifi. when i go out i switch wifi off. if i go out without switching wifi off does the phone use battery or data looking for a signal. if its looking for a signal can it intefer with phone calls in progress?


If WiFi is ON… will it use battery - Yes…but this is small amount so toggling this on/off will not have too significant an impact on your battery run-time.

If WiFi is ON… will it use (cellular) data to look for signal - NO

If it is looking for signal will it interfere with phone calls in progress? - NO. In fact that’s one of the beauties of RW
Hybrid calling… if you connect to a know WiFi while on a phone call…then it will seamlessly handover the call to WiFi without you ever realizing it, mid-call.


The RW App provides the ability (in the Advanced Settings) to Manage the handover to/from Cell or WiFi

  1. Enable handover on networks, will initially be enabled when you connect to a WiFi source, however you can then de-select if you no longer want to handover
  2. Handover to WiFi when appropriate (when checked/Enabled) will auto switch to one of the WiFi networks selected in 1 (above) when it becomes available


  • You go to your favorite store, and use their WiFi with great success, this will then automatically be shown checked in 1 above
  • You then go to ‘another’ grocer, and after a 5 min struggle you get logged in, only to find you have to use cell data to compare a price
    • Just go into 1 and de-select ‘another grocer’


there is another option manually switch between wifi and cell with a icon.i’m going to leave it in wifi and see if anything happens. as always thanks