Second line for job

I want to buy a second line for work I bought a new Moto g6 to use what do I need to do?

Hi @tom4342,

Generally, you would activate the G6 using the Republic app from the phone. Republic’s guidance is here:

The above said, some more information might help us better help you. Was the G6 purchased from Republic or a third party? If a third party, did you acquire separately a Republic SIM for the G6? If you haven’t yet acquired the SIM, would you be willing to share your zip code? I seem to remember your needing CDMA coverage in your area but I’d like to confirm?


No SIM card I purchased third party zip code is 23666 been so long I had forgotten.

Hi @tom4342,

Apparently, I remembered the need for CDMA incorrectly as GSM coverage looks good in and around 23666. You can get the SIM from Republic here: SIM Card – Republic Wireless – Republic Wireless. Or, from Amazon here:

Have you verified the G6 you purchased is Republic compatible? There are both Republic compatible and incompatible variants in the market. If not, would you be willing to share the identity of the third party from whom it was purchased?

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Just bought a Sim card

That is a supported model. :slight_smile:

I tried Amazon first they didn’t have many at that moment maybe 4 and we’re all refurbished either from T-Mobile or Verizon

Ya, those would not have worked.

I will find out when I get the phone and Sim my new employer doesn’t supply a phone but does give me 60 a month towards my phone bill, my bill is 33 on my personal phone however I get some many junk calls on it would rather just leave it in the truck and look later.

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Will a second line cost the same? or is there any incentives for existing customers.

i @tom4342,

There are no discounts for additional lines of service. The cost for the second phone would be the sticker price of the chosen plan.

Minus any discounts you might already be eligible for. Beta, teacher, etc. Same as your first line.

Beta discounts apply to the specific line not the account. An additional line wouldn’t qualify:

The Educator’s discount, if already applied to the account would extend to additional lines of service housed in that account through May of next year. For others reading, Republic is no longer accepting new applications for the Educator’s Appreciation discount:

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Well the g6 works great seems much faster than my 4 year old Moto x pure.Has the lastest operating system and pics are equal. The 6 has 32 gigs of internal storage the Moto x 64 but my pics are all on cloud.

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