Second line not tracking data usage

I have two republic phone lines. The second line is my wife’s phone; a moto x pure edition. My wife’s phone receives no data when it is not connected to wifi. Additionally I cannot check to see if she has used up her roaming data because the app requires data to use. I will check how much data she has left when she returns home however if it turns out she still has data left is there another issue at play? Any advice would be welcome.

If she has a Moto Pure, then she doesn’t have any roaming data. Only the old phones on the 2.0 plan have access to very expensive roaming data.

Perhaps a different carrier that has native cellular data would work out better for her.

Hi @robertm.w3ux9z

In addition to @marshallh’s response, I just want to clarify that you do not need cellular data to check your cellular data usage stats within the RW app. I have my MXP in airplane mode with WiFi turned on and can view my cell data usage in both the RW app and the native android app.

When you get the phone in your possession tell us what you see… if you can post a screenshot, even better!.

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