Second number accessible on my Republic phone

Can a second line/phone number be added to a Republic phone? I’d like to have a separate number for my business. If I were to get a Google Voice number, can that be used on a Republic phone?

Hi @vinceh.t0npmf and welcome to the Community!

In short, yes. For what it’s worth, it’s contrary to the terms and conditions of the free version of Google Voice to use it for business purposes. I’m not telling you not to do it. If your business is small, Google likely won’t care or even notice. There is a not free business flavor of Google Voice but this requires G Suite.

Other not free app based options would include Sideline or if more bells and whistles are desired Dialpad. Fun fact, the guy behind Dialpad (Craig Walker) was the original developer of what is now known as Google Voice. Then it was called Grand Central before being sold to Google and becoming Google Voice.


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