Second random phone number?


Hello. My friend received a phone call from me recently and it came up as a random local number on my phone. When I ask other people to call this number, it also connects to my phone even though this is not my number and I don’t recognize it. So essentially, there are two numbers that people can dial to connect to my number. I am wondering if this has something to do with Republic Wireless or if I have a reason to be worried (e.g. my phone is getting tapped). If anyone has had this issue or knows what’s going on, I would appreciate your help. Thanks.


the way Republic Hybrid WiFi first VOIP with Cell backup there is indeed a underlying Carrier number but others should not see it usaully a resetting the VOIP setting will fix this (dial *#*#VOIP#*#*aka *#*#8647#*#* in the phone dialer and this should clear up the issue)

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