"Secondary number" receives calls but not texts (Venmo workaround)

I’m trying to use the trick described here to set up Venmo on my Moto G5 Plus.

My phone’s RW number is 202-tuv-wxyz. That number gets and sends texts.

I found the secondary number (202-abc-defg), and the phone rings as expected when I dial 202-abc-defg. However, when I text it, I get a response from a different 202 number that says: “This is an invalid number. Messages to this number are not delivered even if you do not receive this notice.”

I’d like to use to use 202-abc-defg to set up Venmo, but I’m stuck here.

It is not possible to receive texts on this number. This isn’t a possible work-around with Venmo.

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So is that thread (from June 2020) incorrect?

Hi @chrisber,

My reading of the post you reference is that it purports to work around the fact the secondary number cannot be used to receive text messages but is capable of receiving a phone call. You might wish to have a second look. That said, I’ve not tried the method and, therefore, am unable to verify it works.

@louisdi is correct. The secondary number is incapable of receiving text messages.

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