Security cleaning "programs"


What security or “junk eraser” is used most commonly with RW clients who have E4 phones

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I recommend none as they are mostly adware and are not need in today’s android system (there may have been need in android early days when it had bad RAM management but today they just take up space and put a drain on the system in my option)


I agree with @drm186… many of these “cleaner” programs are snake oil apps. Even the ones that aren’t snake oil aren’t really necessary. They won’t improve your phone’s performance or memory management.


Third vote here for none. Android is quite good at cleaning itself. These programs tend to be nothing more than effective ad delivery engines.


Hi @susank.0uudbf,

Are you experiencing a specific problem you were hoping to solve by adding an app with these features?


I thought a “cleaning” up or “security app” would help provide security and clean out my cache part of my phone


That is what they claim to do, but sometimes they do so at a price - like running background processes that tend to conflict with other apps.

We have instructions in our help center for clearing the cache, (instructions vary by phone model) and it’s usually a great step to take if the phone starts getting quirky. Otherwise, it’s not something that needs to be done daily.

Android phones are not as susceptible to viruses as PCs. Typically, as long as you only install apps from trusted sources (like the Google Play Store), you will not have to deal with a virus. Sometimes, depending on the kinds of websites you visit, your browser can be infected with annoying pop-ups, and clearing the browser’s cache is usually all it takes to straighten that up.

Is there something specific your phone is doing that led you to think you needed a security or cleaning app?


I must say this is very interesting and intriguing. I’ll be doing some research on this. As an IT professional I’ve always had a Security App installed on my Android phones. Just because it is NEEDED on PCs. Never really thought about if they were needed or not on Android devices…

Thank you fo this!


Great! I hope you’ll report back to let us know what you find out. One of our Community Experts did some research on the topic a few years ago, but I don’t think he ever published his recommendations.


Here is what I found out, in my brief research. The majority of users will not need a Security (Anti-virus/Anti-malware) App. In fact, I just uninstalled the security app I had running.

As @southpaw stated, if are getting your apps from the Google Play Store, you should be okay. Google now has vetting procedures to minimize the risk of a malicious app making it into the app store.

However, if you are “rooting” your phone or “side-loading” apps, then security apps may bring a benefit. Otherwise, they problably are not needed. For the sake of knowledge:

Rooting = A process of manipulating your phone so that you have admin access. This is done so people can do things that the manufacturer did not intend for you to do. Rooting voids warranties and can render your phone unusable!

Side-Loading = This is the process of installing apps directly from the install file (APK) that you get from places outside of Google Play Store. To be able to do this, you will need to specifically enable a special Security setting that allows the install of apps from “Unknown sources” on your phone. WIthout this setting turned on, you can’t install 3rd party apps. However, there might be a legitimate reason to do this. Like using the Amazon App Store.

Here was a good write up by Ryan Whitwam regarding this:

I’m not an expert, so please research and find what is best for you.


Nice summary

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If you are just looking for something to clean up file storage, then Google’s new Files Go app is a simple app that just about anybody can use.


So are you saying an antivirus like AVG is not needed?


Hi @bonnieh.71i8en

I don’t think that is what @randyg.riflnd was saying, however, that is the main gist of this thread.

The article @ithink2020 linked to does a good job of explaining the usefulness of securtity/antivirus apps on Android devices.

The Files Go app is just an easy to use file manager for locating and managing files on your phone. I actually have it installed on my Chromebook, but not on my phone, yet.


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