Security with Republic VPN


I guess I’m confused! My Samsung S7 was just upgraded to the Android 7.0 software and now I’m just now seeing my phone protected by Republic’s VPN. When this is activated, my 3rd party VPN app no longer function unless I turn Republic’s VPN off. How good is this and is this new? Can someone direct me or explain to me how this works with the cell and WiFi?

Nougat on S7 - How's it going so far?

It makes sense that layering two VPNs is not ideal one or the other. Does anything else not work when using this VPN?


Hi @richard_lindgren

You said that you just upgrade to Android 7.0 and you just saw Republc’s VPN. Republic at this time only uses VPN to help control and block apps from using your data while on cellular.

Are you using this setting? Did you just turn on this setting after updating?


I just realized this setting after being updated to the Android 7.0. Is this new update Nougat? My real concern is when I am on the internet with the bank. Before, I would use a third party VPN for privacy. I would now have to turn off the Republic VPN to use my previous VPN third party APP. Any thoughts on what makes the most sense?


The default for our VPN is OFF so keep it at the default setting and use your VPN app like before.


How do you turn on Republic VPN?


Ok, I will turn off Republic VPN. The question came up on how to turn off the Republic VPN. The only way I know is to go to settings, then connections, then more connection settings, then VPN where you manage which VPN’s are active. Then I open that Republic gear and turn off the switch from on to off. The Republic VPN now is no longer active. I will now go back to my original way of using my 3rd party VPN and feel good about my security when doing my banking. One other question, is Nougat the same as the Android 7.0 software?


Yes, Android 7.0 is Nougat.


Interesting…when I go to that menu Republic VPN isn’t listed. What I think the difference possibly is that you already had a VPN service active when you upgraded, that’s why the option appeared on your phone.


I have it on my G4.


Isn’t Republic’s VPN engaged by blocking cell data to all apps in Republic’s 3.0 app?


Cool that worked! I had tried my old firewall app and no matter what I did, I could not receive calls until I turned off their VPN. I would rather use RW VPN, at least I know calls will not be hindered.


No that is all done in the carrier layer now. Since we are out of the ROM we had do tighten the things at server and carrier level and not on the phone.


@seanr I’m confused by your statement. Please correct me if I’m wrong:

  1. Republic does not offer a VPN service that is used for any particular security purpose.
  2. There is no such thing as a “Republic VPN”
  3. The indication that a Republic VPN is active is simply caused when the customer disables cellular data in the Republic App, activating a LOCAL “VPN” that is really nothing more than allowing the Republic App to proxy traffic, so that traffic that would be charged to customer usage is NOT passed while still allowing data for call set-up/SMS/MMS to pass
  4. All the above applies only to 3.0 phones. The original OS modified phones do not need and have no equivalent function.

Has something changed?


True, we do not offer VPN service.

False: Republic runs a local VPN to disable non-republic wireless cell traffic. ( got this from the Product Team)

True (Also from Product)

Also True

  1. There is no such thing as a “Republic VPN”

False: Republic runs a local VPN to disable non-republic wireless cell traffic. ( got this from the Product Team)

I’m going to argue that the Product team has been hanging out with the Marketing team a bit too much. People think something very specific when they hear VPN and Republic’s “VPN” while using the phones VPN functionality provides none of those. Particularly, the “Republic VPN” does NOT encrypt data leaving the phone so any vulnerabilities that might exist when using a public Wifi, continue to exist.

You should move the Product team to a floor with the engineers, rather than the marketing team. :slight_smile:


We have zero control over how this shows up. We would not have it show if we could. We use a VPN to corral all of our needed data to pass to the carrier. Just how it has to work. If we were in the ROM it would be unseen.


Of course it’s not controlled on the phone, but the way Republic talks about is controlled. Since this question was about using a “Security with Republic VPN” I’m going to take umbrage with your responses as I think the base answer should be:

“The Republic VPN and third party security VPNs that you are using serve two entirely different purposes. The Republic VPN you are seeing is the equivalent of a VPN established to control data usage by a third party firewall app such as Mobiwol, to disable cellular data access by particular apps. It provides no security or external proxying.” or something like that.

You can hit me later.


Sure :slight_smile:


All of the recent discussions are really interesting, however, for the very novice user, I am thinking the bottom line says the following:
1-use a third party VPN when on the internet
2-turn off the Republic VPN in connections