See white circle with 3 phones. Cannot hear or connect with incoming call

What phone do you have? Motorola Gen One X

What plan are you on? Talk and text

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?

Issue Description

Selecting blue phone does not allow connection, Caller can hear me but I cannot hear them.

Please start at the beginning. The phone rings. Then what happens?

Phone rings. Screen appears with white circle of dots. White phone in middle, red phone icon to left, and blue phone icon to right. White phone is blinking. Cannot hear caller. I press white phone. No response. I press blue and red phones no response. Eventually call ends when caller hangs up. I have emptied the cache. I have powered off and then on. I have a moto G1 with talk and text plan. I call caller back. They answer. Said they could hear me but I could not hear them.

Press and drag the white phone to the blue phone to answer the call. Press and drag the white phone to the red phone to reject the call.


Thank you. I appreciate your help. Obviously I am not a techie.

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You can download a user guide for the Moto X 1st generation phone from the link below. Of course a few things have been updated/changed since this guide was published:

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