Seeking comments on upgrade approach Moto X4 → Pixel 4a (not 5G)

Background: My beloved X4’s power button is intermittently on the fritz, so I just leave it on. I attempted to purchase of a Pixel 4a from the RW website but was redirected to Amazon because of no RW inventory. At Amazon I purchased a 4a and a RW SIM Card Kit.

Plan: I plan to activate the 4a using the new SIM card and a new RW phone number. Once I’ve done all 4a system updates, loaded my apps and feel comfortable with the 4a I will swap phone numbers and cancel the X4. Does anyone see any flaws in my logic?


Activating a replacement phone in Android has become a pretty smooth, trouble-free process. You will make it less smooth by activating your new phone with a new phone number.

Thank you. Yes, I understand that. But learning a new phone is not something that comes easy to me, so I want to take my time. I would be accomplishing this according to the following RW tips and tricks article:
“How to Swap Numbers Between Two Phones and Cancel One Phone” at

Hello @michaela.oau1n8,

If I’m understanding you…
End result, you want the 4a with your x4’s phone number and then have the x4 deactivate.

This is an easy process by following these instructions:

Also… if your X4 has a GSM SIM in it… you can just move it to the 4A. You can do that by these instructions:

If it’s a CDMA SIM:

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

You understand correctly. Case closed. Thank you all.

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