Seeking other victims of Republic SCAM


I am Seeking other victims of this Republic SCAM who like myself have had DISMAL phone service and received nothing but sneaky repetitious manipulation and false promises/lies. I can often not dial out, my calls experience drop-outs ALWAYS, most of the time my phone has “no service” messages. I have re-set my phone and tried everything republic ask of me.






For what purpose?


Cell coverage would depend on the underlying carrier…not R.W directly.
They offer 2 partner carriers, depending on what phone model u have, CDMA (Sprint) or GSM (Tmobile).
One partner carrier may be better in your area than the other.
There are plenty of areas where neither carrier is good, in that case, u would need to go to a provider that uses Verizon or Att.

Finally, I feel your post is very much uncalled for, as according to the profile, your forum account just created 20 min ago. I have not seen any posts from you asking for help to resolve any issues you are having.

If you post info on what issues you need help resolving, the community can probably help you.

Edit: Your post made me think of my experience with Comcast.


Hi @MmHasNoService,

Thanks for bringing your concern to our attention. There’s no scam here, but I’m sorry to read our service has not met your expectations.

I’ll review your ticket history now to see how we might be better able to serve you.


Hi @MmHasNoService,

I’ve reviewed your ticket and merged the two open ones into a single ticket so we can do a better job of assisting you.

Your ticket is in the hands of our management team, and they are in a meeting at this time, which is why you have not yet heard back about the refund request you made a little before posting here. I’ve made sure that they are aware you are waiting for a reply.


ewwww creepy

I like you as people, as people you folks have always been nice.

I am sorry that there is so much bile in my message. But I feel cheated.

I live in a poor coverage area and it was unrealistic for you guys to keep me in this “wait and see if it starts working”

Many times now and even in medical emergencies the drop-outs in EVERY call are so bad that unless I walk 100m and stand by the highway, I cannot communicate.

I bought a Moto because they connect well, good antennas etc.

I genuinely deserve a refund and a new service.

I get confused so I am not sure if I am writing to the nice guy I just spoke with on the phone just now

I am OK with the situation as discussed on the phone

Thanks for your support, really a geographical problem, and an old cranky customer


As you have Internet at your home, perhaps if the community could help you get the best out of what you’re already paying the ISP for you would be able to enjoy more reliable coverage. Many of us have marginal cell coverage, but with help from others in the community have good to great coverage with Republic.

  • Which Router do you have? (Make/model/version from the tag helps
  • Which ISP (Internet Service Provider)
  • Which phone?
  • Neighborhood density? Apt, close home, country living etc


Netgear WNDR 3400v2
I live in an RV park in a rural area

Strange that Republic did not send me to this forum as I have had only problems with a reliable connection since I started my service.



Ouch. Wireless broadband. Yeah, you’re probably not going to be a happy customer unless you have good cellular reception with the phone. Wireless broadband is not typically reliable for voice over internet communication.




Can you clarify? So VOIP is a non-starter? I thought that was why I was with Republic.


Unfortunatly (for you) I would probably agree with @cbwahlstrom. Wireless broadband in the past has not had the best reputation … but I once worked for a company that the sales guy told a bunch of users/potential customers that ‘our Ethernet is so good, it will run over barbed wire’
Couple of things you might check:

  • Page 38 of Manual make sure that NAT Filtering has Disable SIP ALG checked
  • With the close environment, I would guess that the 2.4 GHz is very crowded, and current Android doesn’t let you select the 5GHz band (it decides what’s best … and it’s not always right)
    • I find that for this router they only allow 1 Network Names(SSID) … (based on the manual, however vendors often make code changes that are not reflected) … if possible see if you can change the SSID for the 5GHz so that you can make that selection at the phone by authenticating to YourRouter-5GHz instead of YourRouter-2.4GHz
  • Download then run the test 2-3 times and post back the results


What phone do you have? MOTO G4

What plan are you on? DON’T KNOW

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? BOTH

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VoIP is only as good as the broadband connection that it uses. Seakay appears to offer wireless broadband, which typically suffers from a number of issues that make it unsuitable for quality VoIP communication (latency, packet loss, jitter, packet discards, speed fluctuation). Thus, Republic Wireless would likely be problematic when trying to place/receive calls over your broadband connection.


Excellent response. Thanks.
It could possibly be a good idea for Republic to find a way to evaluate our IP connection when we establish service. I am clearly in a difficult cell area and have only one non-satellite choice for internet connectivity. My frustration lies in being repeatedly told: “It should be working”. I have had kind well spoken human contact for which I am grateful but the phone service has never improved since I connected it. Unable to contact 911 in an emergency. Pretty seriously bad service. Quite impressed by this and a few forum answers.
But I am canceling my service. I should have been told more than a year ago that it is quite MEASURABLE that I will NOT have good service here. Simple. A polite lie is still a LIE.

Thank you Republic dude on the phone who will look into a refund.

Thank you, cool peeps, in this forum. CIAO


R.W. offers 14 day money back guarantee. Plenty of time to test ones coverage and service quality.
If within that time frame, you cancel, and return the phone if u purchased one from them, u get full refund.

After the 14 days, u can not get a refund on the phone, but u are free to use it on another carrier since its unlocked. Even if u end up using services for a couple months, the cost per months is quite low ~$20 that it is significantly lower compared to the cost of all other providers, so minimal loss in finds.

You could have posted your zip code so we could look up on the coverage maps (Official R.W ones or third party ones) to verify if your area has current coverage issues with their partner carrier. These maps, are easy for any one to find and look at. Rootmetrics and OpenSignal are good 3rd party ones and are built by actual users.

Again, to us here on community, we have never seen any posts from you until now, and all we have to go on is your claims that you have communication with R.W via some other means. The primary way to get help is here via community or via ticket(which us customers have no access to).

But I have to say…that dealing with obvious coverage issue for a year, with the hope that things will get better, was your decision to make. I for one, could not accept that, and would have switched to a provider that did work.

Sorry to see that R.W did not work out for you…I wish u luck finding a carrier that will meet your needs.


This thread should be closed since it has gotten out of hand. @southpaw


I consider that very unfair.

my complaints are genuine.

the primary complaint which keeps getting mutes is simple

Republic kept telling me it would get better but it did not improve

why is it unreasonable to protest this?


There is still a legitimate request for help from the community.
In my Comment above I am attempting to see if there is anything we (as fellow users) can offer that may improve the OP’s situation.


I agree that it sounds like a legitimate complaint, but at some point it starts sounding like trolling and begins to get negative reactions rather than helpful comments. At that point it should probably be handled off forum.