Selecting a SD card for Moto g7 power

I would like to purchase an SD card for my Moto g7 power cell. I tried Staples today, and I was surprised at all of the choices. I had no idea of all that goes into an SD card. What I should be focusing on to accommodate my cell?

  • SD cards for cell phones are different then SD cards for cameras, etc? So it is not as easy as selecting just any SD cards?

  • G7 Power supports memory expansion up to 512 gb? This seems like quite a bit of storage …

  • The SD card must be micro, class 10?

  • What is a UHS-I microSDXC card?

  • I’ve read a lot about storage size of 128 gb. Is this the most common size of SD cards memory?

  • Can the SD card be repeatedly taken out and placed back into the cell easily? It seems this would be a great way to move storage info to the PC. ?

Thank you!

Some cameras use SD cards, some use microSD cards. All cell phones use microSD cards.

That is a lot of storage and unless you’re planning on carrying a lot of music, photos or videos on your phone, completely unnecessary

Correct, micro is related to the physical size of the card, class 10 the speed.

UHS-I stands for Ultra High Speed Class 1. It’s just another way of classifying the speed of the card. SDXC stands for Security Digital eXtended Capacity and usually indicates a card larger than 32GB

I’m not sure what’s most common, but I use a 64GB card in my phone and it is plenty. It’s all about what you plan to do with your phone.

This is not recommended. It would be a lot of wear and tear on the phone. Generally the recommendation would be to use something like Google Photos to move photos via the cloud or to use a USB cable to connect your phone and transfer content that way directly.

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Great information. Thank you very much!

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Hi @beverlyt.thwhfw,

Newegg has a good selection of 64GB cards with free shipping. I’ve order from them numerous times and get my purchase quick.


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