Send audio in text



I have a Moto E4 and I have been using “Republic Anywhere” as my texting service.

Friends can send me audio clips in text message in such a way as I can click “play” and listen to what is sent, right in the republic anywhere app. No one has tried anything larger than 8 minutes but everything in between has worked just fine. I can even hold-click and download the audio file if I want.

But I can’t SEND audio in the same way because even a two second clip is “too big”. What gives? Why can’t it go both ways? Or how can I? Is there another texting app compatable with my phone that will allow me to?



could not find anything on audio but the limit on a pic is 1 MB, same limitation could be on audio files…

so how big is the audio file?

if you could and haven done so, open a Help ticket and ask…


Hi @hannahp.r8m7ci,

I believe like video, audio attachments must be recorded within the messaging app in order to be sent. I’m able to send audio when I record it in the app.


Thank you for the tips.

I tried both reducing the file size and recording in-app and they both worked. Thank you for your support!


Great! I use WhatsApp a lot to send audio files, but I’m glad this option worked for you, and I myself might record audio within the Anywhere app if I want to text it to people who don’t have WhatsApp.


I seen two recordings to a friend – one recorded in-app and one from a recording app then attached and sent and she said the one from the outside app was higher quality - even though I had turned the settings way down. I was glad to have that feedback.


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