Send/recieve pics on wifi

can I send and receive pictures or only phone and text while feeding off wifi?

That depends on the plan you are on, having data in that plan, and being connected to your native carrier. Which phone do you have and which plan are you on?

Thank you for responding. At this point I am researching if this will work for me. I recently moved cross country and my current carrier does not work well at best here. I heard about this company and am in hopes it will work for me. I have internet at home through Windstream. I would have to update my phone and I’m looking at the least expensive one I can get through republic. was looking at the 20/mnth plan. I mostly use the cell at home for text and sending pics. wondering if I can do that feeding off my home wifi.

I understand your situation. RW uses two carriers, T-Mobile (GSM) and Sprint (CDMA) but not both at the same time. If one of these carriers is or serves your present carrier (which is not working too well) then you will want to check the T-Mobile and Sprint coverage maps to see which would work best for you. If you run RW’s “Coverage Check” and you find certain models are being excluded then you know they would be sending you a phone with Sprint coverage, otherwise it’s a crap shoot.

If you own phone will work with RW (it is on their BYOD list) and you order an RW SIM for it you will receive a SIM that works with T-Mobile. Yes, I know this is confusing.

All of RW’s phones are capable of sending MMS (picture messages) both on and off WiFi even with plans like their $15.00 plan without data.

thank you. US cellular is my current carrier and they don’t have coverage in FL and I’m not sure whos towers my phone is feeding off now. I entered my zip and it popped up with coverage and what phones will work, unfortunately mine didn’t come up as working. I am also able to keep my old #. I’m not clear on if I can get away with the 15 plan or need the 20. I don’t use my cell a lot but do like to send pics and maybe look something up while out and about

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