Send/Reply Email from a Gmail Alias

Because of the current restrictions on transitioning to the new 5.0 plans requiring a new account many Republic customers have discovered the joy of Gmail aliases. This allows you to use the same email you’ve always had but make it look different to the Republic systems by adding a “.” or other separator to your email address.

This works quite well, but potentially creates an issue when replying to emails as the email won’t come from the correct address. There’s a way to make replying from the alias you create possible. Here’s how:

From your desktop or laptop:

  1. Login in to Gmail using your main email address
  2. Click the little gear icon on the top right
  3. Click “See all Settings”
  4. Click “Accounts and Imports”
  5. Find the “Send mail as:” section
  6. Click “Add another email address”
  7. Type in the address you’d like to use in the “Email Address” block
  8. Make sure the “Treat as an alias” box is checked

That’s all there is to it. When composing an email you’ll now see a drop-down that will allow you to select the alias as the “from” address for your email and in addition when someone sends you an email to that alias your replies will automatically come from the alias.


Thanks. That works great, and I’ll use it when setting up my 5.0 account. Note that there’s an additional step if the alias is not a “gmail” domain ending in “”. It wants to validate the alias’s smtp outbound server to make sure it’s a real address. In my case, the alias would be a domain hosted by Google Domains with virtual email(s) all forwarded to my real gmail account. There is no smtp or any other server associated with those alias’s. I could do that if I set up a paid Workspace account and set that as my gmail address.

In any case, your suggestion works great when removing the dot that’s in my regular gmail address. The steps work exactly as in your example.

Apparently, I need to use a different email address when I sign up for a new 5.0 account. I don’t have a second email address, and I don’t want to create one.

Are you a gmail user? If so add a period in your address. thisismyemail@ becomes this.ismyemail@ It still gets delivered to your gmail account, no new account needed, but looks like a new email address.


Interesting. I didn’t know you could do this with a gmail account.

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That’s a very cool gmail feature. Doe it work in reverse? My primary gmail account has a dot. If I remove the dot, will the account work the same?

Yes… Dots are meaningless in Google world. You can also add +whatever at the end and it works. So email@ is the same as email+junk@ Not all system will take emails with a “+” though.

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You can add any number of dots and it counts as the same. Should work in reverse as well. I’ve used this a lot for other services.


Gmail ignores all punctuation in an email address, so you can insert periods, commas, and others. While Gmail ignores them, other email services, programs and businesses will treat each punctuation as a different email. Emails to each of the different punctuations will end up in your regular Gmail inbox. But you will have to remember which punctuation you used for which business when logging in or communicating with the business.

I’ve used this trick for years when businesses limit something to one per email address. Nice to see that RW appears to be OK with it.


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You can also put a plus after the username and add anything characters in between the plus and @ and it will essentially ignore them.

Modifying a gmail address is a neat trick when setting up a second RW account. I wonder if there will be a problem when replying via email in the forums, or via a help ticket. I had this problem about a month ago when replying to a message that I received in gmail when my RW account was set up with a virtual email address via Google domains. The email address on my reply was my actual gmail address, and RW replied with a message “Email issue…” coming from via The message said that the message didn’t work because the email replies require that you use the same email address when replying. The original email was sent (by Southpaw) to my RW account address (virtual) which was different from my actual one. When I changed my RW account address to my actual gmail address, we began communicating again. I’m wondering if adding (or removing) a dot to the RW account address would cause the same error, since the discourse system would see the addresses differently.

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Yes. If you want to use the reply-by-email option for the Community, you’d have to reply from the exact same e-mail address that you used in order to sign into Community.

FYI, in Gmail, you do have the option in your settings to “Reply from the same address the message was sent to.” If you select that, then the responding address should be the same one to which the email was directed.

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