Sending a link to the phone

i looked up an item at home depots website and sent (link) to my phone for later retrieval. where in the phone can i find it.

If sent by email it would be in associate with address sent to. Have you tried looking in Gmail?


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its a moto e4… when i right click on the link there is no gmail option. the option i select is to my devices. i sent it to google drive which i am able to retrieve. i googled how to send a link to a phone and it said i need an app to send and receive. i downloaded pushbullet but i dont know if its good or bad, i haven’t tried it. right now im going to just use google drive.these apps want complete access to your phone. nothing’s free.

I just checked both Home Depot and Lowes, and using the right click on the URL link
on my (PC), I was offered the ‘ability’ to ‘Send to your device’ … however test to both my Republic Samsung and a Verizon iPhone it said it was sending, but like you I can’t find it on my phone (using Chrome and the non-functioning feature wasn’t avail in Edge)

i sent it to my android tablet and it was blocked by do not disturb. i turned off do not disturb and it popped up on the screen. on my phone i’m having trouble with do not disturb, i don’t know if its on or off. i found one setting and turned it off for the second time today.
but no link from home depot appeared.

Items on HD site have a “share” option. When I checked one of 3 options was to email, others SM.

There’s likely a 100 different way to send a link to a RW phone depending upon os, browser, individual settings and other unknowns.

I normally just copy the url and paste to an email or Anywhere message. Simple and works every time.


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