Sending doc to email


After scanning a document via cam scanner, how do I send it to an email account?


If you’re referring to the “Cam Scanner” App, you click the share icon which looks like a sideways “V” and then select “PDF file” then size/quality you’d like, then your email app (such as Gmail/Outlook/etc) and then send.


When I select the “PDF File”, my choices are “Save to Drive:, Upload/Print/Fax, Bluetooth or HP Print Service”.


Do you have the gmail app installed on your phone? On my phone I see it as an option. The other option is to save it to Drive then attach it in email from there.


I do not have the gmail app installed on my phone. I did however send the doc to Drive and sent the email, but never received the email.

Thank you SO much for all of your help though.


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