sending email to my text

hello -

with my old phone service, i used to be able to send an email to EVERY carrier like so:

etc etc etc

something like 60 of them. 59 would simply bounce, and one would go through, giving me the correct full email-to-text address.

this cool trick does not seem to work on RW, but i seem to recall there was another “secret” phone number buried deep in the RW settings that works.

is this still true? if so, where might i find this secret number?

Hi @edwardsmarkf,

I’m not exactly sure what it is you’re asking here. Are you trying to find a way to spam 60 different carriers or are you trying to find out what E-mail address people should use to reach you via E-mail-to-text gateway?

If it’s the latter, instructions are here, no secret number required.


thank you.

in the dark ages of cellular service (a year before RW went live), the only way to determine an email-to-text number was to “spam” 60 or so addresses in hopes to find the right one.

but i see now that RW has delivered us from the dark ages, almost like making it TOO EASY!

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