Sending... Not sent. Tap to try again



I’ve lost and not received messages on my Moto Z2 Play many times. Also, sometimes messages I’ve sent in the morning don’t get received by my message destination arrive hours later. My recipient is also a Republic Customer with a G6.


This problem has happened to me many times. “Message not sent…”
So far every time my cell signal has been next to 0. Usually in a building where the signal is weak. Or outside in the middle of nowhere where there is no signal or perhaps 1 bar.
It never happens on wifi. Or at least the wifi I use.
You may be having other issues beside signal strength. It would take someone at RW to trace the message though it’s path from sender to receiver. Or look at log files the RW or Sprint system may generate and RW people have access to.


I’ve been having this same issue too. I’ve been ignoring it thinking it would fix itself but has not. I do not reply on texts that much as most of you do but if this issue is not fixed I too might switch to another provider.
I will be following this thread.



I switched over to Google Fi with a Moto X4 a couple of weeks ago due to text message reliability, it seems so far a lot more reliable than my moto g3 with republic that I’ve had for years (despite being on Sprint network as well, but it also hot swaps between tmobile and us cellular) It can also receive pictures over text message properly which Republic could not half the time, Republic’s ability to defeat wifi clickthrough portals was really nice though which Google Fi is not able to do out of the box. Additionally the monthly charge is comparable to the new plans that Republic has (though the old plans were cheaper).


It happened again, yesterday! This was after I had cleared the cache a few days ago! So this solution of clearing the cache is only temporary. I might consider switching to Google FI as well. This stuff shouldn’t be happening. This is crazy!


I had the same problem until I bought a new phone, a Moto Z2 Play that I bought directly from Motorola. RW said it was one or more of my apps causing the problem, but since the problem was intermittent and went away when I booted in safe mode, I didn’t delete any apps. Anyway, a new phone fixed the problem.


I noticed that when my battery is low it will not send or receive texts.


If battery saver is kicking in, it turns off background data and would prevent texts from sending/receiving