Sending texts and a message pops up that it hasnt been sent

Every time I send a text a message pops up that says" Message not sent . touch to review the message and try again. " Why do I get this message after the text has already been sent?

If you would share some additional info, it would helps ilicite better responses

  • What phone you are using?

  • Which messaging application?

  • Did the failure occur on WiFi, Cell or both?

  • I assume this is a false message and your message is always sent?

Phone is Moto G4. Message application being used is Messaging. Only using WiFi now. Just got phone a couple of days ago and connected to Republic Wireless for the first time today. I sent a message to my mother…didn’t go out. She sent a message to me and I received it. I tried to reply but it wouldn’t send and I got the message saying it was an invalid number.

I have a Moto G. Yes, the text does go through but it sends me a message
that it didn’t I have also had one tell me that it’s an invalid number
when it isn’t. :frowning:

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