Sent email to Southpaw

Sent an email to Southpaw yesterday… it isn’t showing up not did I get a response…?


Well deserved vacation, perhaps.


Hi @amyb9,

Your Direct Message to me is in your Sent Messages, which you (and only you) can view here:

You haven’t received a response yet because even Community Managers sometimes take time off from work, and I’ve been away for a couple of days. I’m now catching up on things.

The question you asked me would have been a great one to ask in our Community, and it would have had a quick, reliable answer far more quickly than I could get to it, even if I had not been away from my computer. That’s the power of our Member Community - you’re not relying on a single individual, or that person’s limited knowledge. The combined knowledge of our Community members and the combined availability of those members far exceeds what any individual (even a Community Manager) can accomplish.


I did get a “fix” from the Community but they could not answer the why it happened. That’s all I needed to know, as it was odd.


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