Sent phone back, shows as delivered 17 days ago, RW just charged me $215 saying they never got it

So I sent my phone back, as requested, and I just got an email from RW saying they never got my phone and that they’re charging me $215 for it. Tracking info (fedex 02394653060920154547) shows that it was delivered on 12/5 at 8:55 AM to Symrna, TN, so I did MY part in getting it there. No idea what happened to it after the fedex guy dropped it off, but that’s not my issue.

I’ll need the charges reversed TODAY or I’ll get my CC company involved to dispute the charges.

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We’re pretty much just customers helping each other here. To get this addressed in the most timely manner, put in a Republic Help request, or click the blue “Chat Now!” button in the upper right corner of the Republic Help page.

Getting Help from Republic

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Hi @robertc.vphbn7 ,

I’ve reviewed your ticket and see that our billing team has been in touch with you. I’m sorry for the undue concern this caused you.

Please let me know if there is anything further I can do for you.


This is not the first instance of this happening. Is there a pattern beginning to emerge?

What was the resolution on this, @robertc.vphbn7 ?

Yes, the pattern is that things like this can happen, then they get worked through by the people involved and Republic Wireless.

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