Sent text messages reach recipient with odd characters

I have a Moto E4 Plus and starting yesterday and continuing into today, some of my texts arrive to the recipient looking like Japanese or some Asian language. Just all garbled up. It seems like it’s happening more with messages where I use emoticons. Just texted my husband a few minutes ago and he texted back that my texts are beyond his powers of comprehension. So, I’m guessing he got some garbled texts from me. I’m on the 1 gig data plan. Would like to know how to fix this texting situation. Thanks.

Hi @cynthiak.3jee5d,

We are investigating reports of text messages reaching their recipients full of random characters.

I think this is going to end up being something that needs a solution from our engineers, not something you can fix with a setting change on the phone.

If you’d like to open a ticket on the matter, please be sure to let our help team know (if at all possible) what companies your affected recipients use. It would be great if we could ascertain if this is just happening to recipients on a specific carrier, or if it’s universal.

If you do open a ticket on the matter, please ask them to investigate as part of Master Ticket 1736281.

A ticket is not necessary, though - I’ll update here once we have word of a fix.

(Pinging @Ambassadors for situational awareness.)


This was resolved a few hours later by Republic engineering. The issue should be resolved for all users for several days now.

Thanks, @louisdi, I clearly forgot to circle back around on this one.

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