Separate my sons' accounts from mine

My two sons are on my account but I would like them to now have separate accounts. I found another thread (Create two separate accounts from a shared one) that said that they should send a help ticket but when my son tried to do this through the app, it’s asking him to log in. I’m the only one that has a log in so how does he do this? Does he have to do this through the website or can he do this through the app?

Hi @leighw,

Republic describes the process here: How to Move a Phone and Number to a New or Other Account – Republic Help. The new accounts would be opened during step 4.

Given the hour of the day, you might want to wait until, at least, tomorrow before undertaking this. Please note in step 6, there’s the potential for up to 4 hours downtime and there’s not 4 hours left in the current business day.

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