Separate number for Extend Home-

Is there a way to use Extend Home with a separate number?

My wife and I each already have our own separate numbers, and we don’t necessarily want to tie the home phone number to one of our personal cell numbers, and not the other.


Not that I know of. That is not its use case or design.

The sole purpose of this device is to Extend your RW cell phone number to be used on a home wired “landline” phone device and utilizes your home internet connection (not cell towers).

If you wish to have such a device that will work with a separate number, you will need a device like a OBi as that can be set up with Google Voice use or many other online VOIP/SIP services. Note this is not compatible with RW at all.

Otherwise, I suppose, you could setup a additional phone plan line and activate some old spare (My Choice compatible) phone that has its own number…and get a Extend Home that is tied to that line and number. That has the con of having to pay for a separate $15 per month plan of course.


Hi @matthewv.hw5srf,

Thanks for your interest in Extend Home.

Extend Home is not meant to be “free home phone service” in and of itself. It is a free home phone service add-on to an existing My Choice service line.

The only way to get a separate phone number for it, would be to activate a third cell phone on our My Choice plan, (no new account needed) and extend that number to your home phone.

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Extend home question. Why can i only use extend home with my talk/text republic phone. I would like to use extend phone with just my other republic cell phone which has the limited data plan along with ralk/text.

Hi @mauriciov and welcome to the Community!

One is not limited to using Extend Home with a phone that has only a talk and text plan. Extend Home works with any phone using a My Choice plan with or without cell data.

If the referenced phone with a limited data plan is a legacy Republic phone (Moto E1, E2, G1, G3, X1 or X2) that not the data attached to the plan would be the issue. If further clarification is desired, please share the brand, model and generation of the phone in question?

Thank you for helping me. My wife’s phone is Moto E5 play. When I click on “what I want to do” for her phone it doesn’t show the ‘Extend My Phone’ option. Her plan shows My Choice

  • 2 GB.

Hi @mauriciov,

This would suggest that you have at some point assigned her as the “user” for this phone. Doing so limits what the account owner can then do. You would need to either unassign her so you could have complete control of managing the service line in the account portal, or have her log in to set up the Extend Home association.

Thanks for getting back to me. Just to clarify. Would I need to actually have a third phone, or is it enough to just activate the third line for Extend Home without a cell phone?

You can’t actually have a ‘line’ without a supported 3.0 phone attached to it. My limited understanding is, that the Extend Home takes advantage of VoIP ‘shared line’ or ‘shared line appearance’ … something that has been avail in the Business world.

If you’re just looking for a home phone line there are dozens of VoIP phone companies out there who would be glad have your business. Many offer service for less than $10/month and provide the equipment without charge.


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