Separating Joined Contacts

Whenever I need to get a new phone, and I load my contacts on my new phone, it ALWAYS joins a bunch of my contacts. I literally have to edit a 100 contacts and then use the “separate” feature to separate the contacts.

Now, with my latest phone, it joined about 50+ contacts into one, and when I try to edit it to separate them, they will not separate. Plus, whenever I add a new contact, it automatically gets joined into this one big clump of contacts. I can’t just delete it, because it has tons of valuable contacts and info in it.

How do I get these contacts separated and restored to their original form?

Are they this way on Google Contacts? As that is where they sync from.
You can edit your contacts directly via Google’s website.

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Additionally, when u look on the Google Contacts site, are these “joined” contacts set as a “Label” group. Such as Family, Co-workers etc. That feature will group all of them together.

Another thing that I see where the Contacts may be “Joined” together is when u have social media apps set to access your contacts. Facebook and Skype can do this and it will auto import those contacts and make them linked for each contact. When u view the Contact in the phone app, it will show in the details where the contact is from and if it has multiple entries joined to it. Usually with the icon of the app it is tied too.

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