Serial number location


Where can I find the serial number for my Moto X (2nd generation) phone?


Hi @danetten.dws9kz!

Go into settings, then scroll down to “About Phone”, and then tap “Status”. There should be a spot that has your serial number in it. I hope that helps!



Under Status, select the IMEI information, then MEID (same as the info provided for the X1 in other discussion)


Just in case you’re inquiring about this because the phone is inoperable, it’s also available in your Republic My Account portal here: Phones | Republic Wireless. It’s listed as the Device ID.


@mb2x wins 1stt place.

Looked at my phones and portal. All my Moto phones have a SN that is separate from the IMEI or MEID. The G3 MEID is used for RW Device ID and the 3.0 Moto IMEI is used for the ID.



I wasn’t aware it was a contest.

Generally, GSM activated phones report an IMEI and CDMA phones report an MEID.


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