Serious issues trying to leave Republic

I am trying to leave Republic and they are making it really difficult. I started researching other carriers only because one of the lines on my account ran out of data on day 6 of the billing cycle. I contacted RW and was advised they had no way to verify if their tracking of the data usage was accurate b/c only their partner company had it, so I would have to pay for more data. This is really alarming.

I found that Spectrum is offering unlimited data for $30/month and am currently trying to switch, however RW is refusing to allow my number to move until 11/5, when the request was put in on 10/23. Spectrum states normally this process takes 3 hours, not 13 days. I can’t help but notice that the 13 days would put me having to pay RW for anther month of service and am very unhappy.

I put in a ticket and have yet to hear back. Any advice? How do I get RW to release my numbers within a reasonable time frame?

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Hi @amandap.pxrlzn,

I think you may have misunderstood what the agent was trying to explain. He indicated that neither we nor our partner companies track how your data is used. We don’t have insight into which apps on our members’ phones are using data. Having that information would infringe on your privacy. To determine what apps consumed a lot of data quickly, you would have to review the information on your phone.

He was not suggesting that we have any reason to doubt the credibility of the amount of data that had been used.

I know this answer is going to sound like a “he said, she said” battle, but here’s how it works.
It is up to the gaining carrier to set the transfer date. We accept the Firm Order Commitment (FOC) date requested by the gaining carrier.

Some carriers request a longer timeline because our phone numbers are classified as landline numbers. That longer timeline is their decision, not ours.

Both of the tickets you opened tonight have received replies. Our agents are not able to answer questions immediately, especially late on a Sunday night, but they work efficiently to prioritize the most urgent questions and answer every question as quickly as possible.

While there is nothing Republic can do to speed up the porting process, we often help with the billing when a porting delay extends past a billing cycle date, however, I’m not seeing that 11/5 would take you past your billing date. Feel free to ask on your ticket with Natascha if you would like additional details about when your billing date is.

We’re sorry to see you go, and we hope you’ll keep an eye on us in case we might be able to once again meet your needs in the future. Thank you for your time with us.

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