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when do I stop Verizon service

Are you moving your number and service to Republic Wireless? If so, do not cancel your Verizon Wireless service until the number transfer is complete.

Number Transfers

What I Need to Know or Do Upfront

  • Will my number transfer?
    Most numbers can transfer, but there are some that can’t for various reasons. Check to see if your number can be transferred to Republic using our Number Transfer Checker.

  • Should I cancel service with my other provider first?
    No. Your service line with your other provider has to remain active while the transfer takes place. If you cancel your service beforehand, it could result in a loss of your phone number. Once your number is with Republic, then you can cancel with your old provider.

  • How long will it take to transfer my number to Republic?
    Most transfers take less than 48 business hours, but can take up to 7 business days in rare cases.

  • Will my voicemails transfer along with my phone number?
    No. Learn how to save voicemails to your computer from this article.

  • Should I turn off call forwarding before I submit my request?
    Yes. If the number you’d like to transfer to Republic is being forwarded to Google Voice or a similar service, you should turn off forwarding before submitting your number transfer request.

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Just to add to what @cbwahlstrom said, when your port from Verizon is complete, that line will be automatically canceled by Verizon. Note that you will still be charged for any relevant ETF fees and service for that month. Hope that helps!



Yes you may get charged ETF fees and last months services but know that they can not hold your number. I owed Cox Cable $200 before I cut the cord on TV & phone services. I was told I can’t port till I pay what’s owed, WRONG, I had my home number out of there in 22 hrs. Still owing the bill for 14 more days. The FCC has made holding your number hostage Illegal.

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