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I have had service with Republic for several years using Sprint in zip 46614. I am now splitting my time between this zip code and 33763. I am wondering if Sprint is the best coverage for both areas or not. Also, I assume that I will need a new sim when Sprint CDMA closes down. Will I be ok on GSM in both of these areas? I really don’t want to go 5G just yet. Thanks.

Hi @stanleys.lvb1dx !

Thanks for reaching out!

I’ve taken a look at your coverage in both ZIP codes. It looks like CDMA is definitely better for 46614. CDMA coverage for 33763 is not as good as GSM, but you should still have coverage (just not full bars). I would recommend sticking with CDMA. Otherwise, coverage in 46614 is likely going to be minimal or non-existent.

As far as the T-Mobile/Sprint merger goes, we’re continuing to operate as normal on both Sprint and T-Mobile (which means that you can keep using your SIM card). If anything changes, we’ll be sure to let you know in a timely manner!

Finally, regarding 5G, you are completely fine with staying on 4G LTE for the time being! We continue to activate these devices and sell them. Again, if this changes, we’ll be sure to let you know!

I think that time being is going to be years and years and years. DISH is suing T-Mobile about shutting down the Sprint 2G/3G CDMA network next year. I may be dead by the time they’re shutting down 4G. Heck, at this point 5G doesn’t even have any real voice capabilities (no deployed VoLTE type capabilities).

Both T-Mobile and Sprint are weak at my home but RW’s Extend Home fixed that, When I’m out and about T-Mobile has better coverage. lately my phone has been connecting to both Sprint and T-Mobile towers and depending on what T-Mobile is doing with the Sprint towers where you live that might work for you too.

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