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I have a Moto G3. No issues with phone itself, but service has been getting worse and worse at my work and places I like to hike and hunt. Others at work and hiking/hunting buddies have no issues with other cell providers. I have been with Republic for about 4 years now. I clean my cache regularly (once a week). Right now, my phone shows cell calls & SMS. No data. Sometimes I see my phone searching for service, which drops the battery life quickly. Is there any way I can get off these crappy Sprint towers? If I can’t remedy the situation, I am going to end my time with Republic.

Your Moto G 3rd generation phone is only compatible with Sprint, and Sprint’s roaming partners. The newer 3.0 Republic Wireless Phones have the ability to use a GSM carrier (T-Mobile). You would want to look at the the GSM Coverage Map to check whether that would be an improvement before purchasing a new phone.

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I would recommend updating your PRL if you haven’t done so in a while

You are already clearing the cache, which is a great thing to do periodically.

You may also want to make sure that your Republic Wireless and Republic Telephony apps are up to date.

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You may live in an area, that due to normal ageing of equipment, or a maladjustment of the radio tower during an upgrade has changed your coverage.

  • I would suggest that you install an app such as Network Cell Info Mini, this will allow you to capture (in the Gauge view) something that provides the identifiers and various signal levels. A screenshot of this and your exact location where the problem occurs could provide Republic to raise an issue with Spring on your behalf when you Open a Ticket

I updated the PRL earlier this a.m. My phone is still showing no data.

I will do a comparison of T-Mobile vs. Sprint in the areas I frequent and work and see if there will be a difference. If i do use the 3.0 phones, will I have the option to only used the GSM carrier or will the phone decide for me?

Some phones are able to use either Sprint or T-Mobile, some only use T-Mobile. In any case, it’s one or the other (not both Sprint and T-Mobile coverage at the same time). If a phone is capable of using either Sprint or T-Mobile, you can try SIM cards that will allow you to evaluate which has the best coverage (subject to opening a help ticket). The phone feature reference table is at:

The CDMA column tells you whether or not the phone is compatible with Sprint. Sprint is a CDMA carrier.

Hi @leticiak,

Are these areas where your service seems to be getting worse roaming areas?


Yes. Sometimes I find my phone searching for service and roaming. I just checked with some of my other workers and they dropped Sprint and have gone with T-Mobile and seem to have no issues now.

So if I wanted to not use Sprint, I would have to get a phone that is not CDMA?

Sprint is CDMA. The other partner is GSM. All currently available phones support GSM.

All 3.0 Republic Wireless Phones are capable of using T-Mobile. All of them.

Do the 3.0 phones auto switch between sprint and t mobile towers or do I set that up? Sorry for all the questions, I would just prefer to use the T-Mobile towers if I get one.

No, it’s one OR the other. Pick the one that works best for you geographic area and install that sim.

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So, if I buy the new moto g6, that includes the SIM card, do I request the gsm sim card? I didn’t see where I could do that.

Hi @leticiak,

When you place the order, our system determines the better of the two SIM cards base on coverage in your Zip code. If we don’t get it right, and if the phone supports the other kind of SIM card, we’ll send you the one you need.

Since you are certain you need a GSM SIM card, and all our 3.0 phones are compatible with our GSM SIM card, if we happen to send you a CDMA SIM card, we can easily send a GSM card to replace it.


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