Service in cancun?

Is there wireless service with Republic Wireless in Cancun, MX?

The phone will work on WiFi to call/text US and Canada numbers.

There is no cellular coverage outside the US.

Local calling options will vary based on your phone/plan

1.0/2.0 phones - local calling (WiFi only) can be facilitated with third party apps such as Skype.

3.0 phones - local calling feasible by installing a local SIM card. You might need to uninstall or disable your Republic Wireless App while using the local SIM card. Be sure to **NOT to **cancel your Republic Wireless service. When you return simply pop your Republic Wireless SIM back in.

Republic does not have international calling or Cell tower support in Mexico (or any out side the USA) (note Canadian numbers are no considered international on Republic)

On an Open WiFi Republic phones work the same way as if on an Open WiFi in the USA (unlimited Voice and Text to US and Canadian numbers)

one can use a USA based calling card or an app that can call international numbers for the local calls (Google Voice, Skype, etc…) Adding International Calling to Your Republic Phone | Republic Wireless Wiki | Fandom powered by Wikia

If you have a 3.0 Phone one may swap out the SIM to a Local SIM and use the phone though that local carrier (Note one loses the WiFi call back to the USA if the Republic SIM is not installed in the Phone

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