Service interuption due to change in Credit Card


My Republic bill has been paid by a credit card since 2004. Recently my cc was hacked so the cc company sent me a new card. I forgot to notify RW of my new card and my service has been stopped. I cannot log in because it says I have no such service listed. How can I get my new cc number to RW and get my service back?


You should be able to login to you R.W account on the website on PC and edit your account info there.

You should also still be able to open a ticket via the website as well.


Hi @bjii1003,

Just to be sure you have the right company in mind, please note that Republic only began offering service in 2011.

The E-mail address you are using to log into Community is not associated with a phone number. You’ll need sign into your online Account using the same E-mail address that you originally used to sign up for service.


When I try to log in it says I have no active service. So cannot log in.


This is a sign that your not logging in using the email you used to set up your Republic account

As @southpaw said the email used to log in on the forum has no Republic phone attached to it


Well I’m sorry to tell you that this is the only E-mail I have ever used since signing up with RW.


If you are seeing this page…_u are logged in

This means your phone has been fully deactivated and will need to be reactivated before it will show up on that page.

First, U would need to click the Gear icon “Account Settings” and update your payment info.

The I suggest u open a ticket on the site and see if R.W can reactive your old number.
Click the ? icon Help Tickets then, Create a Republic Ticket.

Otherwise, reactivate your phone via the R.W App afterward.


Hi @bjii1003,

I’ll DM you so we can get some details outside of public view.


Or more correctly your are logged in to AN account. Not necessarily the correct account however.

There is a difference between account termination and the number being released. For a period of time after this happens the number can be recovered for the user.


How can I recover my number?


Hi @bjii1003,

Thanks for the extra details in our DM. We’ll take care of things in the ticket you opened.


You’ll need help from internal resources. Southpaw said that she reached out by DM to you. You should work with her or open a ticket on the issue.


OK, thank you!


Thank you, I will work with Southpaw.