Service is so annoying. Voice mail messages won't load/deleted

Republic Wireless has gotten more annoying for me. Overall, in my +2 years as a customer, it’s been good I won’t lie about that, but there are still problems with the service. And neither it nor this site is user-friendly. My voice mail messages didn’t load two days ago when I needed it to (it only started working the day after-convenient) and the same thing happened to me today. Voice mail message wouldn’t load. And it got deleted too-not the first time stuff like this has happened. I checked the “recents” section and the voice mail message isn’t there.

Good Morning @mohameda.kt3okq,

Sorry to hear of the voicemail difficulties. My understanding is there have been some issues with visual voicemail (voicemail viewed locally on the phone) loading the past day or so. As you describe, it seems intermittent.

When you’ve been unable to view voicemail on locally on your phone, have you tried calling in and has that worked? If not and the issue continues, please consider raising a help ticket. You may do so when signed into your Republic account here: Republic Help.

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